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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  March 3, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> the south african track star goes on trial, claiming a case of mistaken identity, he risks a lifelong jail term if found guilty. the oscars, "12 years a slave," gets best film. "cate blanchett, for her role in
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"blue jasmine." ♪ >> well, our top story at this hour, the rapidly developing situation in ukraine. authorities in kiev say that they will never give up the province of crimea another they have effective control over parts of the territory. pro-russian troops have been deployed over parts of the rotation near the coast with ukraine. just a few moments ago ukrainian border guards said that russian troops continued to flow into crimea, a military supremacy highlighted this weekend as they pledged allegiance to russian troops. >> flagships of the ukrainian navy. their loyalty is no longer, now
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that the newly appointed navy chief has defected. swear allegiance to the people of the autonomous republic of crimea. >> the ukrainian military has about 140,000 men, including 60,000 conscripts. in theory the ukraine could mobilize one million, but they say that their equipment is getting old in that the army is sorely lacking in resources. troops, vladimir putin called for authorization to use the armed forces in ukraine until the normalization of the political situation in the country. the russian army has taken control of the entire region, they could also be sending soldiers into other parts of the ukraine. 100 50,000 troops have amassed on the border. situation that could change or medically at any moment. the first shot fired at signal
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the beginning of the civil war or war between russia and ukraine, or both. in other words, it is an extremely serious situation. >> ukraine shares its border with four european union countries, meaning all 28 member states could become directly involved in the conflict. >> western countries are gradually stepping up their response. john kerry says that moscow could be excluded from the g-8. politicalld prefer coming together. >> with pro-russian forces around the ukrainian military bases, the united states has used strong words to describe the tension there. >> russia has engaged in a military act of aggression against another country. >> john kerry says the united states may threaten economic sanctions against russia, including travel bans. >> russia they be able to evade crimea, but in the end, russia will isolate itself.
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there will be a cost to the economy of russia, costs to russian businesses, costs to russian individuals. >> you set to travel on tuesday she showed his support. is going over sanctions, analysts say that they will be worthless without similar moves from the european union. they are reluctant to follow suit. union'ss the european third-largest trading partner. europe is very dependent on those imports. russia supplies one third of their crude oil and natural gas needs, more than any other country. diplomatic efforts appear to have leaned towards dialogue. sunday night the russian accepted a proposal from angela merkel to form a fact-finding mission on the ukrainian crisis. vladimir putin insists that they have a right to protect their
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citizens, including the use of military action when necessary. frederick is covering the meeting for us. what can europe do in this crisis >> you heard john kerry yesterday morning about the international community being ready for sanctions against , politically and economically. now european foreign ministers say that they will surely use strong words to condemn russia's military appointments in the .kraine polish prime minister's this morning discussed the consequences of russia's military deployment, without giving more detail. rather than sanctions, today's meeting in brussels is likely to end with high-level mediation in the ukraine. angela merkel spoke yesterday of president putin and proposed
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setting up a fact-finding mission in the ukraine to establish a political dialogue , possibly shaping the needs for organization and security in europe. >> you are also looking at how they can support the new leadership in key of -- he have -- key and -- kiev. >> the country needs $35 billion in to prevent from going bankrupt. the european commission will send their own team of experts assess exactly how much money the country needs. once the assessment is made, the european union could will move relatively quickly, around 6 million euros, that would be enough to sustain their finances in the short term. the european commission has held separate courts for construction development throughout last week to try to put together a
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financial package for the ukraine. in brussels we are being told that they're making good progress. >> thank you very much. let's get the russian perspective on this. the foreign minister has cast the current situation as a necessary protection of ethnic russians. >> we are defending the most important human right, the right to life. this move has been labeled as an act of aggression and we have been threatened with sanctions and why cuts. they need to deliver ultimatum, but refused dialogue. it ultimately leads to the polarization of ukrainian society. >> of course now to where it is ourhappening in crimea,
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chief correspondent is monitoring a tense situation at a ukrainian military base surrounded by pro-russian armed forces. what is the situation as we speak? >> little is changing at the moment. the russians have given a couple , withs here, surrounded negotiations of ukrainian commanders inside. but the latest is that another thingn crimea, a similar has happened. commanders turned up at the base and surrounded it. >> the soldiers that are surrounding the base, are they openly describing themselves as belonging to the russian military or not?
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they are not describing themselves as belonging to anything. it must be said that the local population, saying that these are our people, as they put it, and are grateful that russia has come to protect them. there is no pretense amongst the local population that that is really what is happening. >> so this is a strategy from moscow, as far as you can tell him the ground? employing soldiers and essentially occupying foreign territory without firing a single shot? >> well, i think it is a strategy. in many ways an extraordinary strategy. the calculation could be, first of all, that if the ukrainians can be persuaded to put down their arms and leave, the russians would win without firing a shot. with the strategy is that if they do not put down their arms and stand their
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ground, what is the next step that vladimir putin is prepared to take? is he prepared to face the consequences of an armed conflict? >> our chief foreign editor there in paraguay, thank you. we also just heard that pro-russian demonstrators are now occupying the lower floors of the regional government building in in eastern part of ukraine that is not in crimea. the situation extending to cities that are no longer in crimea. parsons, forb that. we will be with you to our further additions. let's move to the rest of the world news. an entire nation and the world is following the trial of oscar pistorius. he just pled not guilty to the murder of his girlfriend, he shot her four times in the bathroom.
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i say it was a case of mistaken identity, but some accounts from the neighbors point to an argument between the lovers. >> oscar pistorius goes on trial, accused of murdering his girlfriend on valentine's day last year. the double-amputee claims that he shot her by accident, firing at her through the bathroom door because he believed she was an intruder. ofsecutors call the story premeditated murder, claiming neighbors heard them arguing in the night and there were the sounds of a woman screaming. >> whether or not they had had an argument, what their relationship was like, these are all extraneous, to a great extent, irrelevant fact. he either justifiably shot her or did not. >> without eyewitness accounts, forensic evidence will be key.
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as will his own testimony on the stand. give a he be able to version of the story that is reasonable? or one that has been proven by the state? >> without a jury to influence, the court has allowed for parts of the trial to be televised live. >> we are absolutely thrilled. this is a seminal judgment and a victory for open justice. we could not be happier. >> if he is convicted of culpable homicide, unintentionally killing his girlfriend, he could walk away with a suspended sentence, but if he is found lt of murder, he faces 25 years behind bars. attack in the pakistani capital, gunmen burst into a busy shopping area on monday and opened fire, killing
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11 people, including a judge. 13 more were wounded. there is no claim of responsibility so far. in fact the pakistani taliban distance themselves from the attack. >> antigovernment protests continue in venezuela. 20,000 people took to the streets on sunday. the national guard form small groups overnight. 17 people were injured. so far 18 are dead across the country. members of the opposition denounced inflation. >> the new missile test in north korea draws heavy criticism from its southern neighbor, firing two short-range missiles into the sea, they called it reckless provocation. military exercises between south korea and the u.s. began just one week ago. in from the 2014
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oscar ceremony. "12 years a slave" gets the best picture. .ate blanchett is best actress matthew mcconaughey walked away with best actor. >> the big story this year, or was no runaway winner. the academy spread the wealth. "gravity" picked up the most .wards, winning six oscars "12 years a slave" won three awards, included the -- including the coveted best adaptedaward and best screenplay. "dallas buyers club" one three oscars, including best actor for matthew mcconaughey. no big surprise, he has been winning awards all season long for his powerful performance. and they won a third award in hair and makeup. blue jasmine 11 award, cate .lanchett
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another big story tonight is that "american hustle" came in with 10 nominations and was completely shut out, not winning any oscars. french film did win best animated short. rapidly losing control crimea. as refugees flow across the border according to the border guard, declarations are worse, saying that the country will never give up. pistorius pleads not guilty, the former track star goes on trial for the murder of his girlfriend last year. a lifelong jail sentence if found guilty. the winners from oscar night, "12 years a slave." k blanchet wins for "blue jasmine."
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-- kate blanchet wins for "blue jasmine." the iranian nuclear program is in the spotlight as the atomic energy agency convenes today in vienna. based struck a temporary deal last year to limit uranium enrichment and are now working on a permanent deal. they are reviewing the response of progress from iran. the organization has said that progress has been made. with us today, a researcher at the international relations research institute here in france. the signals coming out are pretty positive. i might say that they are positive for the first time in years. >> this is no surprise, if you are referring to the agreement in geneva, or just what has been time. for it this >> that has not always been the case.
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>> it was a breakthrough, yes. >> are you confident that iranian that -- that iranian powers and world powers are moving forward to a deal? >> yes and no. yes in the sense that obviously iran wants to introduce a deal. this important issue is that the supreme leader obviously wants a deal for you renumeration's with the u.s.. >> he does not always sound like it, by the way. >> again, that is why this and holds significance, it is true. but also obviously the u.s. international community is reaching what is really very difficult, a permanent deal on the nuclear issue.
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>> what i meant earlier was that the supreme leader does not always sound like he wants a deal in some of the statements he makes. >> in iran and the united states you have to open up to what is going on. you have strong feelings in iran. the supreme leader must take care of the political environment. they are not becoming friends with the u.s., but they do want to reach a deal with them. >> tell us more about that political and by amendment. organizations must take into account what politicians are saying to their own populations. on the domestic political landscape. the situation in iran, does it allow for a deal at the moment? >> in the sense that this majorityrepresents a of the support of the population. what is at stake are the radical
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conservatives who are against the deal. they are still very powerful in some editions of parliament and other institutions. they are trying to do anything that they can to stop this policy. thethe supreme leader, for time being, wants to go on negotiating with the u.s.. >> broadly we know what a permanent deal might look like. iran would increase enrichment to a certain level. right now they are enriching uranium at five percent rather than 20%. in exchange for lifting economic sanctions. as a researcher and specialist on this issue, what is the nitty-gritty that you are looking for? what is the sticking point? >> in a sense iran was ready to accept it for years. don't -- i do not think that
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these technical issues are what is at stake. they want openness inside the u.s.. new sanctions. you have also outside countries like israel and saudi arabia. they will take any opportunity to make this deal not happen. >> what are the red lines in iran going into these negotiations? >> obviously they want the right to enrich uranium, but they have never backed up on it. it is their red light. they want to show that by this deal, the west has organized for the call the official right. >> they are looking to keep
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their ability to enrich uranium for peaceful civilian purposes? >> yes. >> thank you very much for joining us here, a researcher and specialist on iran. >> starting with football and the latest results. they are french league clear of the monaco efforts. back to third they defeated monaco on saturday, 21 points behind the exchange. >> we did not play a fantastic game. but we have stayed under control. now eight points ahead. everything is in our hands now. this, wetinue like have a chance to win.
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>> those of the results against monaco, who is favored have early to -- favored heavily to win. and theod for the fans clubs, as well as an important one for the players. the hopes of the top four premier league finishes, they 41.h out on the lane for giving for two minutes, the transformed the game. the first half was difficult.
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beating chelsea and manchester united, they got here for the victory. that was because they did the they camearea and away with all three points at and had an early chance to open scoring on the half-hour. an injury brought on an icelandic striker, seconds later impeaching them. goambling with 18 minutes to
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, scoring his first goal of the season. place, 20. olympic super gold medalists secure the world cup victory two days after going downhill, .mmediately before the finals the 28-year-old norwegian skiing due to the right crain struggled 12th on both as they left norway in better spirits. getting enough for second place.
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the olympic gold medalist kept behind.ntum going, one of 10 skiers did not complete the course, luckily escaping injury. the austrian was the surprise winner in the town mountain honors, highlighting the gold medal from the super g 2010. one of the only realistic
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in the perfect downhill and overall. still waiting for their own. fresh from becoming the country's most successful woman on skis, she wins the winter olympics. she did enough to finish in third. down the match. the defending champion finished the final on both legs. to true hitter one this week, next day defending the crown gg99ññwçça7gucc
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>> i think, to be elected president these days is, you need a lot of money. >> money and publicity. >> a few thousand dollars. >> maybe $10,000. >> after giving you money, people want you to do things for them. >> millions of dollars. >> it has strings attached. >> and now you're gonna have to pay it all off, and... yeah, so that's a problem. >> female announcer: major funding for priceless was made possible by:


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